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WORLD RENOWNED WORKSHOP! From the work of Dhyan Vimal and the Institute of Higher Learning

The Dharma Rahasya workshop is an enquiry-based study into the living and actualization of one’s ‘dharma’ - the promise of which one is here to live out and actualize.

During this four evening workshop, a senior facilitator will guide you using lectures, and contemplative exercises to expand your personal formula, which reveals your real nature, and the correction and personal meditation you need for this nature to lived. The workshop is run for small groups, in a relaxed manner, without any influence or coercion using a practical study approach.

About the Facilitator

He is the Head of Education and Training of the Dhyan Vimal Institute for Higher Learning, and the Head facilitator of the course. He has an academic background in aeronautical engineering and has been a disciple and student of Dhyan Vimal for over 18 years. Originally from Malaysia, he is based in Berlin and works as a Head facilitator and developer of several programs and trainings that are based on the work of Dhyan Vimal. He has conducted hundreds of programs and trainings around the world. His passion is learning about people and is particularly interested in uncovering the science that govern the frequent abstractions present in the area of growth and transformation with regards to the individual and their lives.

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Cancelled: Dharma Rahasya - 4 evenings Sept 30-Oct 3

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