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KINDNESS - Watch Wabah's TED Talk. Brainstorm & Make Kindness Cards (Host: Yen)
Members from these groups will be joining us: We will watch Orly Wahab's TED Talk videos together, and then we will make acts of kindness cards to perform and to hand out. "The Science of Kindness" (See meetup table and venue photos below.) About the Moderator: Yen is a parent and a manager returning to the NYC area. Organizing meetups make him happy. : )

Brookfield Place - "Hudson Eats" (Winter Garden's food court)

230 Vesey Street · New York, NY

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We meet for conversation, coffee, snacks and, ideally, a bit of truth-seeking. Our goal is to answer (or approximately answer) a well-crafted question. The group runs as follows: 1) The moderator selects one subject for discussion and a date for the meeting. Subjects can be as ephemeral as "love," "god," and "purpose," or as grounded as "politics," "environmentalism," and "family." 2) At the meetup, people are encouraged to propose a question related to the subject. The moderator will collect all of the questions in a list. 3) The group will then vote on the questions. In the first round of voting, each individual may vote for as many questions as they like. The top three will then go to a second round, where each individual may vote just once. 4) The question with the most votes is then discussed. Often, the discussion starts with a narrowing of the question, as it can be challenging to devise a question that can possibly be answered by a small group in just a couple of hours' discussion. If you have a subject you'd like to discuss, feel free to tell the moderator. A list of subjects will be kept and selected from at random each month. One final note: there is no obligation to engage in the discussion. While we encourage everyone to speak if they have something to say, we also welcome those who would rather just observe and learn from others. If you'd like to do background reading prior to an event, I recommend the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which can be found here:

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