Comparing traditional autocratic businesses vs. democratically run companies

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Harry suggested this topic and I thought it would be fun to discuss, it’s something I’ve thought about as well -- We’d like to have an open discussion about which business structure is more effective -- Traditional autocracy (the way 99% of businesses are run), or democratically run businesses like coops (For those who want to be sticklers, I will argue even though shareholders of public companies are the ultimate decision makers of who runs they company, the majority shareholders are really a small minority of people and therefore the term autocracy is still valid for traditional businesses... even more so for privately held companies). We’d like to discuss which structure is more efficient and humane, and therefore which will meet human needs better.

Here is some reading on the subject:

A few things I think would be fun to discuss:

Is traditional autocratic business more effective, or is the idea of a cooperative more effective?

For those who feel a cooperative (the more unconventional choice) is more effective, what are some potential ways to create cooperatives as a viable alternative to autocratic companies?