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The Diamond Springs Center of healing arts and training is a resource of dedicated teachers and healers that all work together to increase the health and beauty of the community. Here at the center I offer many varied classes from Drum Circles, to Shamanic healing and workshops, Ascension Ceremonies to the 5th dimension and even the Stargate Experience. We have many quest speakers from Buddhist monks and nuns, to many spiritual book authors and lecturers. The center is here to serve the community. I hope you browse through the pages of my website DiamondSpringsCenter.com (http://www.diamondspringscenter.com (http://www.diamondspringscenter.com/)) to find upcoming events and read about the many gifted people who are involved and here to serve our communities. The fees are reasonable. Please feel free to call me for advice or questions about who I feel might answer your questions and needs the best for you .This is a safe haven for those who want to meet like-minded friends.

A new Center is being built on the property starting in June of 2017 and should be completed by Aug.1 2017. I am so excited to have this space. It will be a center for many teachers to come and offer teaching to the community . This center is here to serve and be a safe haven for those seeking its sanctuary.


DiamondSpringsCenter.com (http://www.diamondspringscenter.com)
Off: 530-295-8440
Cell: 209-337-8172


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Christmas Singing Bowls with Alex

Needs a location


Please join us for a very special Christmas crystal singing bowl celebration with my dear friend Alex.
Alex has a way of playing his bowls that resonate with all the chakras and especially the HEART chakra. Give yourself this gift for your very own
celebration of Christmas

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Stargate Meditation with Drumming

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