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What we’re about

Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts Lisle,IL 60532 630.269.0115
Our Mission: \

To allow others to explore higher consciousness, divine intervention, energy aligned with change and empowerment in all aspects of life, healing spiritually triggered blocks, finding one’s own truth as it pertains to their own life and path while being divinely guided.
Specialized Training:
LILAC Intuitive Healing Certification, DAISY Meditation,Meditation, Soul Creativity, Mediumship, Channeling, Creating Change and Connecting with God/Source/Universal Energy,
Monthly Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls,Tibetan Bowls, Paiste Planetary Nibiru Gong, Mother Mary Wind Gong, and Paiste Sound Creation Earth Gong. Diana is former law enforcement Sgt. and assists with missing persons as a psychic medium.

Diana is LILAC Founder and Master Intuitive Healer, Divine Channel and Speaker, Author of 2 books, Ordained Minister, and Intuitive Sound Healer. Diana connects directly to highest point of Source/God/Universal energy and receives guidance from spirit. Diana has accomplished over 40,000 one on one sessions with clients since 2009. Diana teaches workshops and events and is the Owner of Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts in Lisle, IL and Creator of the LILAC Healing Modality. More about Diana at Link for Diana's Free Gong Healing Library (many gong sessions and channeling sessions listed)
Diana's book Messages from the Enochian Tablets- A Lightworker's Guide to Energetic Clearing is available for purchase
Diana's second book, 777 Purpose and Truth Over Resistatnce by Barbanne Bainer
Thank you for looking. More information available at or email 630-269-0115 private sessions with Diana can be scheduled also.
**Peace and Blessings, \

Diana Kushenbach**
(phone sessions with Diana Mon.,Tues,Thurs. )
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