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The "Sixth Sense" Psychic Group was designed for anyone who is interested in the mysterious realms of the psychic spirit world.It has been developed by a Psychic Medium whose goal is to help people discover the bridge between Heaven and Earth. In these times of change and uncertainty people have become attached to the life preservers that they have clung to over the course of their lives, only to find that the things that once comforted them no longer keep them afloat... This new age has prompted people to reexamine their tools for survival and make space in our waking mind for the unseen forces that guide us each and everyday.This group will aid in building and discovering new tools to help people navigate the ever changing universe. We strive for a clear connection with our Guides, Angels and spirits on the other side. All too often we feel as though we are in this world alone with few if any in our cheering corner;nothing could be farther from the truth! We are all surrounded with love and guidance 24 hours a day, our guides and loved ones want nothing more that to reassure us that they are always there to help. All we have to do is ask and listen. Come and join us on this journey to expanded living. We have so many resources its time that realign to what is our natural birth right ; The Sixth Sense.

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