What we're about

The diet-free movement is alive in CT!!! This is a social meetup for womxn who reject dieting in their own lives, and reject weight-centric approaches as a proxy for health. The purpose of this group is to provide opportunities for diet-free womxn to connect socially, and to welcome new members interested in experiencing events in a non-diet group firsthand.

What does this mean? 1. No diet talk 2. No body-bashing 3. A break from the usual banter, and an opportunity to connect with other womxn on a new level 4. Eating without external rules, guilt, judgement or shame 5. Having fun!!

Members promoting weight-centric viewpoints and healthism will be banned from the group. (If in doubt, please reach out to an admin!) We are not here to educate, explain, or justify our choices to be diet-free. We are here to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals in a relaxed & supportive environment!

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Smash the Scale!

LIFT for Women

Breaking Bread @ Hawk Ridge Winery!

Hawk Ridge Winery

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