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In this group, we'll post opportunities for people in the Franklin, WI area to grow in their faith, connect with fellow Christians, and dig into God's word together. These events are all free, open to the public, and won't require registration. (Although we encourage you to tell everyone you're going!)

All events are sponsored by Victory of the Lamb. For more information on who we are and what we're about, go to victoryofthelamb.com.

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Better Than Heaven

Victory of the Lamb Lutheran Church

Heaven: What's Real and What's Not?
Our view of how our story is going to end shapes how we look at our lives right now. Unfortunately, our view of “Heaven” and “the world to come” has been formed more by Plato’s philosophy, Dante’s inferno, and new age spirituality than the Scriptures. The good news is what the Holy Spirit tells us in the Scriptures is better than all the counterfeit versions of “Heaven”.

In this class, Pastor Ben will guide you in exploring the false, non-biblical ideas that we might have concerning death and the afterlife. We will look at what the Bible actually says about the overarching story of salvation that starts with creation and leads to new creation. We will see how Jesus’ resurrection dramatically changes our hope in the “world to come”. Finally, we will see how God’s promise of resurrection and new creation becomes the grand narrative that guides our lives and gives us purpose.

- Tuesdays at 6:30pm // April 20-May 11
- Led by Pastor Ben
- Held at Victory of the Lamb (11120 W. Loomis Rd. in Franklin) and Online via Live Stream

In order to create an environment of honesty and trust, we encourage participants to commit to all 4 weeks of the course. Go to https://votl.life/heaven to learn more about this course and register.

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Better Than Heaven

Victory of the Lamb Lutheran Church

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