• The History of Mobile Art and Painting on the iPad

    The History of Mobile Art: from "Brushes" on the iPhone 2008 via the MobileArtCon in NYC 2010 until today. Benjamin Rabe is a German artist, blogger, web designer and app developer who has been active in the Digital Art domain since the very beginning. Benjamin does many different things involving mobile art and creation, including so-called "Tagtool" sessions. With the help of an app called "Tagtool", the artist can "paint with light" by hooking up the iPad to a projector and projecting the images onto the side of a building. This will be his first visit to Ireland, part of which is a live Tagtool session at Charleville Castle in Tullamore. This talk is a presentation of the History of Mobile Art in general, about the progression from humble beginnings of painting on the iPhone in 2008, to organising the world's first MobileArtConference in New York City in 2010 and the current position that mobile art takes in the world today. Mobile Art has come a long way and is now exhibited in museums around the world.