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Hello! Irony is well and truly apparent in this online meetup group, nonetheless bear with us.
We are a bunch of people passionate about living life - the offline life. This includes anything that doesn't involve the internet or your phone! Digital detoxing is all about giving yourself a break from the grid, those emails, texts, tweets, calls, pings, dings and beeps can all be put aside! We will organise yoga, stand-up comedy courses, bowling, dinners, escape rooms or anything that doesn't involve your phone. There is one rule - bring yourself not your device (you can have it on you but just switch it off or silent please). This group is backed by Reset and Retreat who are a digital detox retreats company who try to address the physiological and psychological effects of phone addiction (and social media addiction). Research shows that anxiety, narcissism and FOMO all increase when we overuse social media. There is a linear link between depression and number of hours spent on social media. Research also highlights the effects of excessive technology use on sleep, weight and general wellbeing. Reset and Retreat is actively working with researchers to bring awareness of tech addiction to the forefront and cited papers may occasionally be sent to members who indicate their interest. P.S. We are not luddites! After all the internet and phones have brought considerable advantages to our lives, however we're about making people feel so good about offline life that they naturally curb their usage. We will help you set goals to manage your phone usage and or social media addiction, but take the first step and join this group! All ages, genders and races and backgrounds are welcome !

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Digital Detox - Stand up comedy night!

Top Secret Comedy Club

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