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Episode 3: Behavior-Driven Development and more

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1. BDD & Behat: Telling Stories Through Code Part 1 - Matt Brunt (Leicester, UK)

Stories? Scenarios? BDD? Are these just more words in the ever-growing list of jargon that developers have to know? Or are they something more important than new terms to memorise? In these 2 sessions we'll look at how BDD fits into the software development work-flow, how to tell user stories through features, and how to automate them in Behat. These techniques will help to ensure you're writing well designed and tested software that focuses on what the users want from a system.

Part 1: BDD at a higher level.

2. BDD & Behat: Telling Stories Through Code Part 2 - Matt Brunt (Leicester, UK)

Part 2: An implementation example, that works.

3. Lean Coffee

Lean Coffee session to talk about anything you'd like to discuss - Maybe questions based on the topics of previous talks or other areas of Digital Developmnet, interests and topics for future talks, about this group / meetup, or other.

What's a Lean Coffee and how does it work? More info at: