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The pain that this project wants to downsize is named "Digital Divide" ("fracture numérique" in french). It is a new pain but a growing one. It is a root pain for social and economical divides.

The social value to bring is for three types of stakeholders that can work more closely, as teams:

1) The private persons and specially the people who are ready to learn digital skills, internet, programming, test, IT helpdesk, processes, mathematics,... and who needs some helps and incentives to effectively learn

2) The socially responsible companies or non-profit associations which are needing more people with digital skills (quite a lot...)

3) The schools and public bodies which are working in that area: in the employment, technical formation or joblessness issues

The specific edges to attack this Digital Divide "iceberg" are:

1) FUN



FUN because learning information technology and mathematics can be really fun. Our too technical world is also needing fun and fun is an energy needed if such group wants to last

TEAM because mixed teams of stakheolders are needed to correctly feel what are the "Digital Divides" and how to "heal" or downsize these divides.

BRUSSELS to act in a city full of challenges and opportunities with today 21% of unemployment level...

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