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my name is Vincent and I intend to host this group for collaboration and sharing. Come when you like to share stuff and ask for input/feedback on your work/ideas. There are so many smart people with different perspectives, experience and skills: let's use that to everyone's advantage.

What this is not:
There are a lot of co-working spaces and lots of opportunity to work side by side (without necessarily wanting interaction, but enjoying the company of others while minding your own business). That's fine, but not here.

What is the format? Under Construction/draft - to be continued

Descriptive text (draft)
Maybe you noticed the same thing, after working in larger organisations with daily interaction with colleagues you now work freelance with occasional hand offs to clients and functional communication.
Some of your clients are really nice and you can have drinks with, but that's not the rule. Maybe some of your collaborators are in other cities and countries, so spontaneous in-person brainstorms while enjoying coffee is not feasible. Nobody apart from you (and your partner/mom/dad) is that invested in your personal and professional development. So the occasional feedback and having someone with a complementary skill set can be really helpful to get stuff done more quickly, with more fun. And sometimes just some random likes and discovering that you both like hip hop, Dilbert and stroopwafels.

So bring your laptops, portfolios and stuff you like and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

This was the original message from Emily, who started this group:
My name is Emily and I moved to Barcelona from London in July 2015 as a freelancer. I love living here, and as I'm not part of a business and I don't have work colleagues, I want to create a group where all the individual freelancers scattered around Barcelona can get together, share experiences and help each other out (professionally and socially). I would love to meet some like-minded people who are interested in the digital freelance/tech start up world, although this group is not restricted to just these areas (any freelancers are welcome!). I have lots of ideas and projects that I would like to do here and I would love to find some friends or business partners to share it with!

Please feel free to get in touch!


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