What we're about

Have you had enough of being blasted by the radiation from WiFi, cell towers, "smart" meters, and everyone's phones? Do you crave more connection with the natural world, and with others who still have an attention span? Are you finding that you're electrosensitive (EHS) and want to find friends who understand your need to be away from EMF?

This group organizes fun activities in which phones and wireless devices are prohibited. Whether you want to experience a digital detox for a day, learn more about reducing your EMF exposure, or simply want to have fun with people who aren't looking at screens all the time (or talking about what they saw on a screen), this group is for you!

Activities are likely to include hiking, river time, outings in nature, camping, natural building experiments, dinner at each others' (low EMF) homes, interesting conversation, quiet togetherness in nature - just about anything we can do for fun away from the cell phone towers, meters, and wireless devices.

There may also be an educational component - EMF is a deep and often misunderstood subject. The Internet is rich with misinformation. We will be learning more about how to lessen our exposure and protect ourselves from non-ionizing radiation and the upcoming 5G. Our health and consciousness is worth it.

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