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We are Geneva's largest grassroots event series at the intersection of Technology, Business, and User-Centered Design. We believe digital strategy and user experience design are closely related. Both are a user-centered, task-driven planning of pathways. Whether it's done for a website, an app or for all digital properties of a company, is just a question of scale. This meetup is the place for all of us to come together, and learn from speakers and each other.

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Handling images right (at new location)

FlexOffice Genève Patio Plaza

Photos of cats. of people. Of landscapes. The web is full of them. But how to use them in the right way? Not as simple as you'd think. Our 2 speakers will tell us what's broken today around pictures, and how to make it better. It will be a good balance between practical and technical aspects. ***Speaker 1*** Doug Sillars is author of O’Reilly’s “High Performance Android Apps”, a freelance digital nomad, a Google Developer Expert, and a freelance mobile performance expert. He has helped thousands of developers speed up their mobile apps and websites. Using AI to Power Your Images Optimizing image content for every browser and device size can be difficult. Random cropping of images can lead to losing context and features, like chopping off a head. This talk will show how AI can be used to identify the important content in each images, allowing for smart cropping, and speeding up page load times. ***Speaker 2*** Olivier Hamel is co-founder of Prodibi.com, a Geneva-based startup. Prodibi's mission is to help photographers, enterprises and agencies display and share stunning images on the web and mobile. Oliver will talk about how to display any image of any size on any device with the best quality and performance with a simple image viewer. He plans to do a live demo of the Prodibi embed feature for both image and album, as well as the Prodibi WordPress plugin. This even is co-hosted with "Genève School of AI" meetup. We all hope to see you there! Peter Jesse, Tatsu, Charles

Multi-meetup Summer drinks

FlexOffice Genève Patio Plaza

The sun is setting on summer, but it is rising on meetups! You will love the upcoming events, so multiple Meetup organizers partnered up to make a big late-summer networking. Drinks are pay-as-you-go, but we supply the snacks! Digital Strategy and UX Meetup Foodhack French Tech Geek Girls Carrot Growth Hacking Romandie Product Hunt Sketch meet-up Women in Digital See you there!

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