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Digital's "future" and "ideal present"

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Hello dear Members,

I know, October is all gloomy and rainy and sadly tucked away between Summer and Winter - but trust me, Autumn Meetups are the best! We will hear about the "future" of digital (some may argue that it's the present"), and the "ideal present" (some may argue this is what digital should have always been like).

Storytelling in Virtual Reality

Right Here / Right Now is two-person creative team dedicated to VR. More real than virtual these days, this new technology is opening up a vast number of opportunities to radically rethink user experiences across nearly every sector. Jonathan and Thibault will join us to give an overview of the current state of VR, and both the challenges and payoffs of working with it.

Design Documentation Made to Last

A UX Designer and Front-End Developer – let's just call him a Software Designer – Marc is the co-founder of Antistatique, a Swiss agency based in Lausanne. He spends most of his days prototyping, managing releases and designing newsletters. Marc is a true believer in the Open Web and makes his contribution to it. He loves to share ideas on how project processes can be improved since when it comes to user experience, there is no border between design and code. Marc will talk about their inspiring project for an unlikely client.

See you there!