What we're about

Our goal is to enable teams to build and deliver better quality software applications and technology products more efficiently. We do this by working with industry experts, who provide information and training around leading software development methodologies and technologies.

A "digital transformation" doesn't just refer to technology, it's about transforming how teams work, how they collaborate and how they leverage technology.

Each meetup will focus on practical applications for one or more of these technologies/mythologies. We aim to bring in industry experts relevant to each topic.


People who would benefit from this group include:

Anyone involved in SDLC from Technical and Non-technical perspective.

People who are interested in further improving their processes to deliver better quality software.

Developer | Product Managers | IT Strategy Advisors| Architects | Operators / IT| Quality Assurance |


Examples of tools/practices/methodologies we cover:

- Opensource technologies (Spring Framework, Steeltoe, RabbitMQ, Concourse)

- Modern Cloud Application Development: Including CaaS, FaaS + Serverless, IaaS, PaaS

- Cloud Development Platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure, K8s, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, OpenShift)

- Microservices

- Kubernetes + Containerization

- Agile / Lean / XP / TDD

- DevOps + CI/CD + Concourse

- Spring Framework

- .NET

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Reduce Risk Through Design Thinking: How to build products that respond 2 change

Building software is incredibly tricky. It isn’t enough to simply build lots of features, develop a rich product portfolio, or be the first to market. ------------------------------- What are we solving -------------------------------- Without the ability to effectively evaluate product risks, organizations often fail to meet their customer's evolving needs and expectations, and the product is ultimately unsuccessful. We need to adopt new tools and processes to help us mitigate these risks before the product goes to market, and continue to iterate over time. ---------------------------- Who should attend ---------------------------- Product Owners, Product Managers and Developers will learn how to effectively partner with Designers to gather insights that leads to value stories, meaningful software and quality software products. Designers will learn how to plan and conduct user research as part of an on-going product development process. ------------------------------- How will we do it -------------------------------- Through a series of case studies on the challenges and pitfalls of traditional software development practices, we will look at how to implement lean design research in an agile product team and ways to bring about change within the organization. Topics include: User-Centered Design, User research 101, Generative vs Evaluative research practices, UX + Agile, and lean principles. We will explore popular design processes and how it relates to the development process. This includes Design Thinking (IDEO), Design Spring (Google Ventures) and Double Diamond (British Design Council). ------------------------- Who is speaking ---------------------- Hans Kao is a seasoned Product Designer at Pivotal Labs, he thinks about design beyond colours, fonts and pictures, but focuses on delivering true value to real users. He is involved throughout the product development process, helping the team obsessively focus on the user experience in order to build desirable and usable products.

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