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Where to put your data, and why.

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There are so many options these days for persisting data.

In-Memory, file system, traditional databases, can make you dizzy just trying to think about it.

In this session we are going to address all these options head on with a discussion of the following data sources. Specifically what use cases they solve best and which ones they are not as well suited for:

- Postgres

- Oracle

- Mongo DB

- Redis

- GemFire/SQLFire

- Greenplum

- Hadoop

There will also be members of the Spring Data project, specifically Mark Pollack, who will be attending the presentation and adding to the discussion when appropriate.

We will be lucky to have a few guest speakers for this session.

Dr. Mark Pollack has been a core Spring (Java) developer since 2003 and founded its Microsoft counterpart, Spring.NET, in 2004. Mark now leads the Spring Data project that aims to simplify application development with new data technologies around big data and NoSQL databases. Prior to working on Spring project, Mark worked in offline computing in high-energy nuclear physics at Brookhaven National Laboratory and then moved to the financial services industry as a technical lead for front-office trading systems.

Catherine Johnson is a Data Strategist with VMware, working with customers who are implementing Fast Data solutions. She has more than 15 years of experience in distributed systems, and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science focused in distributed systems design. Catherine has spent most of her career at Oracle and VMware, working across most organizations, including consulting, engineering, education, and pre-sales.

Faisal Akber is a Staff Technical Support Engineer at VMware. He has been with VMware for over eight (8) years. He has over sixteen (16) years experience in IT on a number of platforms. Faisal works on a number subject matters formally specialized in Server Fault (PSOD/Crash and Hang) issues now specializing in Database and Data Science topics. He holds the following certifications, VCP2, VCP3, VCP4, VCP5 , VCAP4-DCD, and VCAP5-DCD. He has spoken at VMworld 2006, 2007, and 2008 as well as various other venues. Faisal is an amateur radio operator and his call-sign is VA3SFA.

Oliver Gierke is engineer at SpringSource, a division of VMware, project lead of the Spring Data JPA, MongoDB and core module and member of the JPA 2.1 expert group. He has been into developing enterprise applications and open source projects for over 6 years now. His working focus is centered around software architecture, Spring and persistence technologies. He is regularly speaking at German and international conferences as well as author of technology articles and the first book on Spring Data.

Adam Fournier is an Regional Manager Field Engineer Pivotal. Hailing from Waterloo with a Degree in math Adam continued on to achieve his MBA at York University and work as an Principal Sales Consultant and Enterprise Architect with Oracle for 15 years. Over his 15 years he worked in the application development, analytics and infrastructure lines of business before joining EMC almost 2 years ago.

This is going to be a great session. Try not to miss it!