Modern DevOps with Spinnaker: How Netflix Manages Microservices at Scale

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The ability to deliver software with speed and stability drives organizational performance: productivity, profitability, and market share. It enables innovation and fast feedback cycles for your business. It is now a key business competency.
What are we solving:
Optimizing for velocity requires adopting a microservice architecture, so different parts of applications can be delivered independently by different teams. A microservice architecture results in a higher rate of change and potential instability in a distributed system
How will we do it
Netflix created Spinnaker, a multi-cloud continuous delivery system as one of the key pillars of their application platform. Come learn how you can leverage the recent addition of Cloud Foundry to the Spinnaker ecosystem to help you deliver code quickly and safely.
Who should attend:
Product Managers, DevOps, Developers, QA’s, Operators, Architects and anyone else involved in the Software Development Lifecycle will all learn valuable takeaways, tools, and practices to carry out these principles and improve their Delivery and Speed.
Who is speaking:
Jon Schneider Sr Engineering Manager, Spring Team @ Pivotal
Jon is a Software Engineer at Pivotal, working on the Spring team on application monitoring and continuous delivery.

Previously, he worked at Netflix on developer productivity tools related to distributed refactoring, dependency insight, and build tools.