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Digital Transformation Tel Aviv is where all Digital Transformation entrepreneurs, professionals and enthusiasts meet and discuss the latest news in the scene, the new fads and trends, and debate over the future of this ever-evolving and exciting industry. Our Mission is to build awesome relationships, discuss great ideas, educate the local community, and have fun while doing so.

Events are intended to be educational and a place to meet new people that share the same interest for digital transformation, internet, mobile, digital, entrepreneurship and startups.

Attendees include employees, entrepreneurs and startup founders, developers, industry observers and other enthusiasts.

---Past speakers include---
Ori Lahav (Outbrain), Inbal Lavi (Webpals Group), Arik Czerniak (Metacafe, Supersonic ads), Prof. Sarit Kraus (Bar Ilan University), Omer Shai (Wix), Tom Laster (Facebook), Keren Kopilov (The Time Innovations, Firstime Ventures), Guy Benarzi (Bancor, Particle Code, Mytopia), Eyal Herzog (Metacafe, AppCoin, Bancor, BBS), Lior Kodner (TheMarker / Haaretz), Tamar Reshef Bezalel (Datorama, Adler Chomski Group), Ouriel Ohayon (Appsfire, KZen Networks, ZenGo), Yaniv Waizman (Teenk), Yefi Gureni (Intango), Itay Pincas (SaleUp), Yiqun Bo 薄益群 (DayDayUp, GWC, GMIC), Ram Almog (Red-ID), Daniel Ravner (Ravner), Moshe Radman (Mihi.market), Eran Galil (BeyondXR) and others.

Menara Ventures is a publicly traded VC investing in early stage Digital Transformation startups (TASE: MNRA)

Intango is a global technology company established in 2008, operating in the digital media space. We combine technology and creativity to power sophisticated marketing solutions.

Eran Savir, Co-Founder and CEO at Menara Ventures

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What May Happen to the Internet if Russia Wins? Splinternet vs. DAO

Intango Offices

Two opposite forces are aiming to change the internet as we know it, and the future of the online freedom of mankind depends, in large part, on the success of these experiments. Will the internet cease to exist?

From one hand, if and when the internet in Russia will be isolated from the global network, similar to what is already happening in communist China, it can be assumed that other countries will follow, including perhaps some democracies.

On the other hand, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are aiming to use the internet and blockchain to further decentralize decision making of organizations and communities and increase the transparency of rules, regulations and financial transactions. Last year a group of people even launched a DAO to build a city.


The event is Free, open to everyone and will be held in Hebrew.
The space is limited. RSVP today to secure your spot.

There will be some food and drinks served.


18:00 - Get together, food, drinks, and networking
18:30 - Welcome notes
18:40 - The Splinternet: Implications for the Future - Dr. Roey Tzezana
19:20 - What is DAO and is it really the solution for our future internet governance challenges? - Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler
20:00 - Networking + Call it a Day


About the Speakers

  1. Dr. Roey Tzezana is a futures studies researcher at Blavatnik Center at Tel Aviv University, and is currently acting as a futurist in SparkBeyond – an AI startup that uses the power of artificial intelligence to provide answers to complex questions.
    Before that, he had been a lead researcher in XPRIZE – an organization that creates massive competitions with tens of millions of dollars in prizes, to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. Dr. Tzezana led the research in the organization about human longevity, which should eventually, hopefully, lead to the development of treatments to stop and reverse aging.
  2. Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler is one of Israel's leading experts on policy framing and regulation of technology and telecom. She is a Senior Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute, heads the institute's Democracy in the Information Age Program, and is a senior fellow at the Hebrew University Federmann Cyber Security Center Cyber Law Program.
    In recent years, Dr. Shwartz Altshuler has composed the journalistic code of ethics for Israel's public broadcasting corporation and the Globes business newspaper; and drafted bills for new privacy law, election propaganda law, and digital surveillance law in Israel. She regularly appears in the Israeli and international media on technology, Democracy, and human rights issues. She is a board member of the Israeli Digital Rights Movement, Israel's Press Council, and a member of the Supreme Council of Archives of the State of Israel. She has published several books, articles, and policy studies on Privacy, Ethics in AI, Data Policy, Cyber Regulation, Social Networks, and Television Regulation.
    Dr. Shwartz Altshuler holds a Doctorate in Law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed her Post-Doctoral studies at Harvard University at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. She was a visiting scholar at Harvard University CMES and Brandeis University. She served as a Public Law Professor at the Federmann School for Public Policy at the Hebrew University for over a decade.
  3. Eran Savir is the Co-Founder and CEO at Menara Ventures. He is a Tech entrepreneur who became an investor after two exits. In his previous role he was the Managing Director at Intango Ventures (Corporate VC). Eran has extensive experience in founding, supporting, advising and investing in startups, from the earliest stages and has background in technology, business, and law. He holds an undergraduate degree in Law from the Academic Center for Law and Science in Israel.


Menara Ventures is a publicly traded VC investing in early stage Digital Transformation startups (TASE: MNRA)
Intango is a global technology company established in 2008, operating in the digital media space. We combine technology and creativity to power sophisticated marketing solutions.


Eran Savir, Co-Founder and CEO at Menara Ventures

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The Metaverse - What is it and How Should We Prepare?

Intango Offices

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