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The landscape of digital finance doesn’t seem to change much when it comes down to real-life.
We still use paypal and credit cards to pay online, our bank clerks still require us to send them hand-signed documents by fax.

So where’s all the innovation we are constantly hearing about?
All those mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, peer-to-peer loans, block-chains and whatnot? Well, it seems that we are still waiting for “killer applications” to arrive and push them into our lives.

We invite everybody to join our group, where we are going to discuss possible applications for cutting-edge financial technologies. We stand on the edge of the new revolution that is going to change the way we manage our finances, make investments, obtain and give loans, create and fulfill contracts. This revolution will affect both businesses and private consumers alike.

The events in our group will help you to understand the possible real-life implementations of these new trends and discover how it could improve your own business and life. Everybody is invited, but we specifically recommend our meetups to the following audiences:
Established businesses that handle online transactions
Insurance and banking institutions in Israel and abroad
Private investors looking for new opportunities
Entrepreneurs and startups in the field of FinTech
Be one of the first to harness the potential of this revolution!

Initech is an Israeli-based company that builds technology for local and international entrepreneurs and start-ups. We are an active player in the fintech innovation ecosystem through our projects, mentorship and community activities.
We hold open events with lectures, presentations, and showcases of top notch companies in this field and the applications for your business.
You can track and register to these events in this group, and get an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.
See you at our next event!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line at: contact@initech.co.il

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