What we're about

We believe on the power that digital platforms have to enhance and reinvent the business industry models.

Digital platforms support multidimensional and cross-sector business models anabling customers, partners, and products and services playing a wider role, thereby creating real network effects.

Platforms generate value, it facilitate and connect customers, suppliers and producers, enabling business interactions and opportunities where multiple business partners can orchestrate on a single ecosystem.

Group purpose.-
To create a community of experts that are related on the topic of digital platforms: developers, consultants, companies, etc.

We encourage:
+ Networking with digital platform experts
+ Knowledge exchange about the latest technologies with focus in Digital platforms
+ Meetup about digital platform development and other relevant related topics
+ Digital innovation and entrepreneurship.
+ Growth environment and respectful contribution
+ Business opportunities between members
+ Collaboration and innovation

Feel free to join and respectfully contribute with your knowledge and experience, ask for support for specific projects or simply connect with all the experts for a collective knowledge exchange :)

All skills levels are welcome!

Upcoming events (1)

Distributed Teams & Remote Work: Why and How!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work from any place you like and be able to perform in a flexible work atmosphere? What if you could reach more productivity with a cross-functional and international workforce? Remote work has turned into a standard by more than half of big brands across the world nowadays. Such as the case of ING, Google, Github, Amazon, Dell, Buffer. Especially, digital platform providers, who require the world-brightest heads and 24/7 availability, can benefit from a distributed workforce. Many companies with distributed teams implementing the right practices can improve their possibilities of scaling effectively. Imagine your company counts on a world-wide expert team ready to contribute to your projects and at the same time, you can even reduce fixed costs and stay ahead in the market. But still, there are many myths and fears about the concept "Distributed teams and Remote Work". That’s why our team members Lukas (CEO) and Sebastian (Software Engineering Consultant) from LionMint GmbH will explain the advantages and difficulties you could face as a company, employee or freelancer by integrating to a distributed team and working remotely. You will get some of the best practices and tools that we have successfully implemented and that may be helpful, if you are considering this way of working or collaboration. After sharing knowledge, we hope you will enjoy the evening with drinks, pizza and like-minded people. This is what awaits you: • Facts and concepts • Advantages and disadvantages • Tools and best practices for successful remote work • Communication as the key element • How to overcome the disadvantages • Networking with beer and pizza ;) The event is hosted and supported by WeWork Labs. About LionMint GmbH LionMint is an IT consultancy with focus on the development of digital platforms. We have been a distributed team since day 1 and we would love to share our knowledge as well as our path of growth on that topic. Learn more at https://www.lionmint.com/en About WeWork Labs David Wohde, the WeWork Labs Manager will be joining us. He is a serial entrepreneur with 7 years of experience in building and scaling ventures in the B2B field. Feel free to share your entrepreneur ideas. He would be open to exchange thoughts and help early-stage startups fulfill their destiny ;) Learn more at https://www.wework.com/labs

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