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Welcome to Digital Factory's Meetup Group!

Want to meet with Digital Factory's founders, mentors, investors and fellow entrepreneurs? Get together with us at our meetups to have a drink and mingle! We will tell you about our success stories, failures and experiences during our journey building portfolio companies. Open workshops, lectures, networking events with Digital Factory!

Digital Factory is a Business Incubator Located in Budapest, Hungary. We invest in early stage startup companies mainly in ICT field focusing on 'transactional technologies' (ecommerce, global marketplaces and related big data/enabling SaaS tools). We provide office space and services to help you start your company.

We invite you to join us at our different events to learn about entrepreneurship and opportunities with Digital Factory through workshops, lectures and networking events.

This meetup group is for you if you are:

• CEE (mainly Budapest) based entrepreneur (Hustler, Hacker, Designer)
• interested in topics related to starting, running a startup, investing, etc.
• want to meet fellow entrepreneurs and investors in Budapest,
• interested in joining one of our business incubation program.

If you have any question don't hesitate to reach out to us by email, on our homepage or FB page:

contact@digitalfactory (contact@digitalfactory.vc)zrt.com
www.digitalfactory (http://www.digitalfactory.vc)zrt.com

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