Service Meshes + Kubernetes: Solving Service-Service Issues


As the number of services scale in architecture, the complexity and management increase. To manage services in production, the concept of Service Mesh has been introduced.

Ben will explore the problems with large-scale deployments and how this is potentially solved by building on top of a Service Mesh. Ben will focus on Istio, an open platform to connect, manage, and secure Microservices supports large-scale Microservice deployments on top of Kubernetes.

The talk will discuss:
- Introducing Service Mesh Concepts, aims and benefits
- Deploying applications with Istio
- Increasing service reliability when applications fail
- How Service Mesh can improve application security
- Gaining visibility into production using tracing and metrics

Attendees will learn how Service Meshes and Istio can enhance communication security, authentication and reliability.

Ben Hall is the creator of, an interactive learning and training platform for software developers.

We look forward to hosting you at the meetup!