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DigitalOcean & Espresso Security: Cross Meetup

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Coming back from vacation with new forces, we teamed-up with Security Espresso to take care of your security concerns in the cloud.

"What are clouds made of, dad?"
"Linux servers, mostly."

And if there's something better than lying on your back and watching the clouds go by on a summer day, it's auditing and monitoring the cloud. Less poetry has been written about it, but we're here to tell you it's only because the likes of Byron and Shelley had never seen what you're about to see...

As you have noticed, we have a cloudy theme for this meetup! This is a joint meetup with the DigitalOcean Bucharest community.

Here's our agenda for the evening:

19:00 → 19:45
Adrian Furtună - Security Testing from the Cloud - Demos and Case Studies with

Let's do some real life hacking by just using our web browser!
We will be playing with some BugBounty targets, try to discover their attack surface and maybe also find some vulnerabilities. No Kali or other pentesting VM involved, just cloud tools used with a web browser.

19:45 → 20:00

20:00 → 20:45
Daniel Colceag - Secure, Audit and Monitor with HubbleStack v2

We know you like security. That's why we're respinning the telescope over Hubble, an open-source security and compliance auditing framework, built on SaltStack that can run even without an existing SaltStack infrastructure, caring for your well-being. You're in control with on-demand profile-based auditing, real-time security event notifications, alerting and reporting. DB style infra queries with Facebook's osquery. Faster File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) without affecting performance. Want to know more ? We'll brief you in more during the talk on HubbleStack v2.

20:45 → ∞
Networking, pizza and beer!

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