DigitalOcean Hsinchu meets Gitea, HackMD, and Kubernetes

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DigitalOcean Hsinchu is a new local technology meetup group located in Hsinchu city, organized by cloud techs lover and DigitalOcean! We are interested in various topics such as open source, Linux, cloud computing, DevOps, web development and network related techniques.

This is our second meetup, we are going to share three topics. They include Gitea, HackMD and Kubernetes.

Currently, GitHub is the most well-known Git hosting service. If you want to build your own Git service, many people will choose GitLab CE. Recently, people can have a new choice of Git hosting: Gitea. It is for one who wants to install git service on any operating system which runs Golang.

The most famous web-based collaborative real-time text editor is Hackpad, which has been acquired by Dropbox. There is still another popular, real-time, multiplatform collaborative markdown note editor called HackMD. If you want to build your own HackMD server, then you may be interested in this topic. The creator of HackMD will talk about how to run HackMD with Docker in this section.

Now, Docker is the most talked-about infrastructure technology. There are more and more container management tools. Kubernetes is one of Google’s open source projects for container management. This section will focus on automatic building and management and also how to use Terraform to manage Kubernetes Clusters in order to make a Highly-Available (HA) stateful container.

Due to the nature of this event, DigitalOcean Hsinchu took special efforts to invite honorable guests and masters in their respective fields, namely ApplBoy, Max Wu, Dan Norris, software engineer @ DigitalOcean, together they will lead everyone to discuss the topic in greater detail, we hope that, through this activity, we can all come together to learn about new technologies and implement it in teamwork collaboration, development and the deployment of quality and efficiency.

The theme of the activity is as follows:

Kubernetes: Build High-Quality Container Service Rapidly via Kubernetes

• Abstract:
Kubernetes is a management system of container cluster, which absorbed google’s experience of deployment with the container. Offering simple API for auto deployment, managing, and build your container cluster. Kubernetes can help us increasing the effectiveness of running container and improve the quality of service.

• Speaker Biography:

• Sam Zheng (kweisamx)

• National Chiao Tung University of Computer Science

• Familiar with OpenStack, Docker and Networking

• Intern in National Center for High-performance Computing

Kubernetes w/ Terraform: How DigitalOcean Manages Kubernetes Clusters Using Terraform

• Abstract:
One of the most challenging parts of getting started with Kubernetes is figuring out how to even deploy a cluster suitable for production workloads.

The Kubernetes project provides some great guidance on how to deploy a highly-available cluster, but a guide cannot tell you how to integrate it with your existing services or configuration management.

Provisioning by hand works well the first time, but what about the second time? Third? Thirtieth?

In this talk, you’ll learn about how we leverage Terraform at DigitalOcean to automate provisioning the Kubernetes clusters that that are key components of our internal development platform. We will also discuss how we use Vault to harden our clusters by distributing secrets and generating TLS certificates.

• Speaker Biography:

• Dan Norris

• Dan Norris has spent much of his career writing software to make developers lives easier. After working at Acquia on one of the largest AWS deployments in the world, he decided it would be fun to help build a cloud and joined DigitalOcean where he works on containerizing and automating everything he can get his hands on. In his free time, Dan enjoys playing guitar, learning new technology and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

HackMD: How to run a HackMD with docker

• Abstract:
HackMD is a real-time collaborative Markdown note.
This session will walkthrough how to quickly deploy a HackMD with docker and connect via the desktop application.
And briefly introduce some optimization tips on writing Node.js application Dockerfile.

• Speaker Biography:

• Max Wu (jackycute)

• National Taipei University of Technology

• Trying to build a new world with keyboard: I’m dreaming instead of coding

• Current team lead of HackMD (

• GitHub Student Meetup 2016 Speaker

• MOPCON 2016 Session Speaker

• COSCOP 2016 Lightning Talk

Gitea: A painless self-hosted Git service: Gitea

• Abstract:
Gitea is a painless self-hosted Git service. It is similar to GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab. The initial development have been done on Gogs but we have forked it and named it Gitea. This session will tell you about what’s the Gitea and how to install in DigitalOcean.

• Speaker Biography:

• AppleBOY

• Full Stack & DevOps engineer at Mediatek Gopher and Author of Gorush.

• One of the Gitea project maintainer.

• Blog:

• Github:

• Slide:

Activity Notes:

We are looking forward to meeting all of you soon!
Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

More information:

• Location: Room EC-122, Engineering building 3, Guangfu Campus, NCTU, East district, Hsinchu

• Date: 2017/4/22 1:00 - 6:00p.m.

• Entrance fee: Free

• Capacity: 120 people

All guests who are interested in these topics are welcome.
We will be providing free refreshments! (Please bring your own eating utensils. )