The Continuous Delivery tips DevOps engineers must know

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The theme of this meetup is about DevOps tools, we are going to share a topic:

• The Continuous Delivery tips DevOps engineers must know - Ansible and GitLab CI workshop

Ansible is an infrastructure as Code configuration tool like Puppet, Salt, Chef. It's simple to get started and use; GitLab is a git private version control service, and it's very common in enterprises. We can build the release flows belonging to ourselves with GitLab CI.

This time, the speaker will let everyone experience the world of continuous delivery and automation with workshop!
If you are not familiar with Git, Docker and Ansible, you can refer to this link:

Speaker: Chu-Siang Lai
A software engineer, likes free software and automated deployment. Hope that one day can participate the "Unicorn team" of《The Phoenix project》.

[ Activity Notes ]

Please bring your own notebook, and finish preparation. Recommended environment:

1. Git

2. Ansible: v2.3.1

3. Docker: v1.7↑

We are looking forward to meeting all of you! Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

More information:

Location: Room EC-330, Engineering building 3, Guangfu Campus, NCTU, East district, Hsinchu

Date: 2017/10/15 2:00PM - 5:00PM

Entrance fee: Free

Capacity: 30 people

All guests interested in these topics are welcome.

We provide free refreshments! Please bring the utensils with you.