Come and learn about awesome features DigitalOcean has to offer to developers


University of Nairobi

School of Computing and Informatics Undergraduate lab · Nairobi

How to find us

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This meetup of suitable for those new and interested to DigitalOcean.

Talks will address hands-on approach of server configuration,deployment options and how-to for different platforms.


Deploying Docker-Containerized Apps to DigitalOcean by Christopher Ganga

Software Developer @Andela

Contributing Author @Scotch

Twitter: @gangachris

Slides + Hands On and We'll cover

1. Docker? What and Why?

2. Containerize a NodeJS App

3. Docker-Machine

4. Digital Ocean, How it is ideal for this

6. Digital Ocean and Docker Machine

7. Automating Deployment (Locally, and with Circle CI)

8. What next, give links to some resources

Building Java REST delivery solution on DigitalOcean Cloud by William Ndira

Java Developer for Mspace Solutions Nairobi

Talk to cover

1. Setting up a cloud server for Java

2. Building the Java REST solution from scratch

3. Deploying to DigitalOcean server

Go for the web by David Dexter Mwangi

Lead developer at BlackSpace Kenya (

Talk and full demo;

1.Why use Go Lang for the web? Is Go right for web development?

2.Building simple web app in Go.

3.Deploy Go web app on DigitalOcean Server

4.Other deployment options for Go on DigitalOcean

Special career talk by DigitalOcean Engineer