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This group is dedicated to educating & empowering the next generation of online entrepreneurs. Our goal is to deliver monthly 2 hour boot camps and workshops designed for opportunity exploiting digital entrepreneurs. We discuss the best practices and latest technologies used in digital marketing and sales with real-world practical examples on how they are implemented.

Our founder and primary speaker, Wake Anderson, provides high-caliber workshops that cover all aspects of Digital Marketing. His company SoundBridge is a 2016 MassChallenge Finalist and his software SoundBridge is used by tens of thousands of musicians worldwide. His methodology and curriculum is grounded in real-world actionable strategies based on years of experience building successful tech startups in the music industry.

We specialize not only in online business, but in self-improvement, creativity, productivity and happiness. The productivity of our speakers relies on a serious life philosophy grounded in physical, mental and spiritual discipline. They are here to empower you to take action and change your life for the better.

Overall, we come from a firm belief that the best employment is self-employment. We want to help you create & grow your online business, quit your "9 to 5", increase your happiness, productivity and overall success.

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Lucky - Being Prepared for an Online Business Opportunity

Boston Public Library

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, so this event will teach our attendees a process and methodology for being prepared to take advantage of online business opportunities when they arise. It's a lifestyle strategy that people should give themselves 6 months to commit to in hopes of identifying and taking advantage of an online business opportunity with a reasonable chance of succeeding. We will discuss technological solutions that will help you budget your money so you can provide your own capital to open shop and maintain operations as you work to get your first customers. We will also learn how to study, research and learn about new technologies that allow you to provide products of superior quality at the lowest cost possible. Lastly, we will learn how to identify easily searchable niches with large target markets & little competition and how to position your brand around exploiting that opportunity to the max. The event is designed for people in the initial idea generation stage of starting and opening a business from conception to reality.

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