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The Plan Everyone Should Make –
Have You - Have Your Loved Ones - Have Your Clients?

You carefully nurture your 401(k). Your will is always current and you have
diversified your investments. You're not just sitting on your hands hoping you
will be set for retirement; you're taking steps to financially secure the future
for yourself and your loved ones.

But there's one important financial planning matter you may be avoiding, and if
you are, you're not alone. There are pitfalls of life insurance as a burial plan.
Even though 70 percent of Americans say they want to minimize the emotional
and financial burden their death may place on their loved ones, just 24 percent
have actually done something about it - by arranging their own funerals in
advance. * There’s a difference between owning cemetery property and
prearranging your funeral services. * Decide on the service. * Make time for the pre-planning conversation.

Laurie Fryar
Pre-Need Advisor
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