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> recognize the mind-body-spirit connection.
> seek empowerment, wisdom, and knowledge.
> are ready to up-level your life, health, relationships, and more.
> care about every aspect of wellbeing and want to thrive on all levels.
> realize that improvement in one area of your life will lead to improvements in all.

> offer high-quality, low-cost, easily-accessible, informational, transformative, interactive workshops and events, which delve into all dimensions of well-being and help build more supportive, compassionate, connected communities.

> Keys to Living in Alignment: Drug-Free Pain Management for Body, Mind, & Spirit
> SHAMELESSLY ME: Living an Authentic, Juicy, Unapologetic Life
> Soul Sisters: Voices of Transgendered Women (and How to Be an Ally)
> Dimensions of Well-Being: On Living Well at Any Age
> Dating, Relationships, & Communication (40s & 50s)
> Metamorphosis: Life Transformation after 50
> Overcoming Adversity: Thriving is a Choice
> Financial Empowerment for Women
> Conscious Aging & Life Design
> FLOURISH: Know Your Worth

Upcoming events (5+)

STABLE GROUND: Financial Empowerment for Women
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Money mindset, nuts and bolts, a plan... let's explore what is standing in the way of YOUR bright, shiny financial future!

STEP INTO THE LIGHT: Overcoming Fears of Being Seen & Heard

How do fears of being heard and seen show up in our lives? Stage fright, camera shyness, biting our tongues, playing small....

Past events (1)

Womb Wisdom Workshop - New Year 2018

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