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This Dining & Discussion Group is for persons who are TRULY SINGLE from age 45 on up. By TRULY SINGLE, we mean not living with someone, and not regularly dating someone. The group is looking for BOTH men and women…and we expect you men to show up! (Thanks in advance guys!) The idea of this group is for singles to Really get to know each other through more in-depth conversations, where everyone gets a turn to share things about their lives…and no one gets to monopolize the conversation. And you won’t have to compete with loud back ground music. Its purpose is to have smaller group, loosely structured conversations where everyone gets a chance to share something about themselves – starting with the basic stuff everyone wants to know. The first few meetups would be covering basic information about ourselves…and anyone new coming in later would have the chance to share the same.
Once we get to know some basics about each other, I have conversation ideas and social games to get you thinking of unusual topics for discussion and laughing at some of my unexpected topics or questions. The purpose of this will be to help facilitate conversation and help us get to know each other – as well as to generate some laughs and have some interesting conversations. We are going to get past small talk – while grabbing a bite at a local eatery.

THE INTENT OF THE GROUP IS TO TRY TO MAKE LONG TERM FRIENDS, AND POSSIBLY LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS. You are certainly not required to be looking for a relationship, but you should be serious about possibly making friends, even if it’s just within the meetup event itself. And since I’m relatively new in the area, I’m REALLY looking for those deeper and more interesting connections. I am convinced that cannot happen unless people spend time talking and listening to each other!! (while not inebriated!)

I’ve been going to various middle aged Singles Meetups for the last 7 years. They’ve been good for “light” socializing and doing group activities. They are fine for live music, dancing, having a few beers etc. But over these years, I have found it very difficult to Really get to know people in these meetups, usually because the music is too loud & the alcohol too abundant. And there is no specific format for finding out about others in the group. BUT I’VE GOT IDEAS FOR GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER ON A LITTLE DEEPER LEVEL…AND TO HAVE FUN AND INTERESTING DISCUSSIONS BESIDES!
And with my group, you can avoid the disaster of Online Dating. I have tried it extensively over the last 10 years and it has been a TOTAL waste of time. Most of the profiles are phony, and the majority of people on there only want to email endlessly. In my group, you’ll get real LIVE persons, not phony profiles, and you won’t feel the pressure of being on a date!

SO COME JOIN MY GROUP IF YOU WANT TO MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH MORE SUBSTANCE!! As stated, the first few meetups will involve going over the usual questions people ask each other when first meeting: about your work, where you live, were you married, kids, are you retired etc. We would meet in a setting with food and drink and low volume music. We want to hear each other!! I think food and drink should be available, but we are not encouraging anyone to be sloshed for these gatherings.

Once we get past the basics, I have MANY ideas for conversational topics – both serious and less so. Having been frustrated with past meetups, I’ve created a number of social “games” that are designed to get people talking about all kinds of things: some thoughtful questions, many light-hearted, and some questions designed just to get people laughing…and getting to know each other!
I have also purchased several games that get people laughing and talking about all kinds of things. These games will make you think of things that might not pop up otherwise, and keep the conversation rolling along. And I want your ideas too! I’d love to hear about your interests, hobbies and areas of expertise. We may all have some knowledge or experience that others would find interesting. And you won’t need to worry about your personal privacy being invaded, since you can always “pass” on a topic.

This is how we get to know each other! AND HOPEFULLY, WE CAN DEVELOP SOME FRIENDSHIPS, OR A RELATIONSHIP, THAT HAS SOME DEPTH OR AREAS OF COMMON INTEREST. You may find some people you connect with, and others you don’t. Hey, that’s totally OK. We don’t know until we converse!

(And yes, this group is for SINGLES ONLY, suggested ages roughly 45-68)

NOTE: Gatherings will often be planned around Gurnee and surrounding areas. Since I’m new to the area, I will welcome suggestions for places to meet up.

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