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Hello foodies. Do you enjoy dining out, trying new restaurants, and meeting people who share your love for food? Join us for social dining. It's free—all we ask is that you honor your commitment to attend if you RSVP.

There is no obligation. You don't have to RSVP to any event until, hopefully, one catches your eye. You'll receive updates about events as they are planned. There is no minimum number of events to attend. The group is volunteer driven; no one profits. There are no hidden fees. We do this out of our love for food.

At meal events, checks are separate (some restaurants may include an automatic gratuity).

The most important rule is golden: please be courteous and keep your RSVP updated. If you indicate you will attend an event, then we expect that you will because we have to provide restaurants with an accurate final count. It's an honor system.


• Free to ages 18+ (21+ to drink wine, beer, etc.)

• Open to all: singles, married, divorced, whatever—it's about the food only

• Great for people whose partner/ family/ friends don't share their appreciation for food

• Welcome folks who are new to the area

• Multicultural: all races and ethnicities

• Diverse: str8- and LGBT-friendly

• A current profile photo of you is required so we can identify you at restaurants (no pets or scenery). It must be a clear, relatively close-up face picture (security measure). No dark sunglasses or anything else that makes it difficult to see your face. No exceptions; you will be declined. For most events, guest will not be allowed so that we can see exactly who to expect at the event.

• Verify your email notification settings (under profile). You must agree to receive messages from the group/ organizer in order to receive reminders and updates about events. If you don't, and you forget to confirm or miss a change notice, you may end up missing the event or showing up at the wrong place/time.


• Interesting, well reviewed, or new places

• Fine dining to casual, American to ethnic, full service to pop-ups

• Can offer us a reservation or pre-arrangement for a table

• Member suggestions are encouraged

• And, most importantly, the restaurant agrees to provide us with separate checks

• You only pay for what you order. Sharing is cool. Some people take turns buying appetizers for the table, but that is not required. Spend as little or as much as you want.

• On select occasions, always noted in advance, we may order a selection of dishes to share and divide the bill equally. This might happen at Asian or other restaurants where the menu lends itself to sharing.


• Group for foodies to meetup and enjoy a meal

• Polite conversation requested

• Good manners appreciated

• Bad behavior may result in a strike

• This is not a singles group. Contacting other members with unsolicited advances is grounds for removal.


Do you take photos of your meals? Please post them.

MEETUP: http://www.meetup.com/DiningInNewOrleans/photos/ or via the app


• RSVP required. If the table fills up, join the waitlist. People's plans do change.

• Please keep your RSVP updated (change it to not going if you can't make it) to make room for others

• You will be asked by email to confirm before the event

• If you don't confirm, your RSVP will be changed to "not going" and you will be assessed a fractional strike.

• Cancellations in the final 72 hours without contacting the organizer and no shows count as a full strike

• Exception for emergencies—you must contact the event organizer prior to the event by phone only (not in the comments, not by changing your RSVP).

• Three strikes and you're out

Simple. It's an honor system. Respect one another.

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