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The Future of Software Development Skills with Asian Food

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Date and Time: July 15, 2014, 7:00 PM

Famous Sichuan , 10 Pell St.

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The Importance and Relevance of Software Development Skills in the Future!
Could programming become a core skill, akin to reading, writing, and arithmetic?
Could any technology sufficiently replace human coders, for the most part, in the distant future?!

Last month, one of our regulars, Bill Chapman, sent me this link about the future of code generation technologies:
I think the technology mentioned in there might be good enough for the average person, for most average tasks. (It is not that much different from macro recorders that have existed for quite some time!) But, there will still be plenty of room for high-performance, high-accuracy coding that only a human (for now) could achieve. What do you think?

For August: I will probably pick a FUN topic, like: "Griping About How Computers Are Portrayed in Movies", or "What are your favorite computer jokes?". (The tentative date is August 12, but only pencil that in for now. It could change.) Any recommendations for restaurants would be appreciated!


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