What we're about

Have you wished you had a small plot of ground to grow veggies. Have you wanted to try growing your own food but lack the experience? How about food preservation and yummy cooking methods? These are some of things I envision this Meetup to offer. By signing up you are expressing an interest in the idea of gardening in 2015.

The idea here is to have an actual plot of land in which we will each take a section to grow food.

Activities envisioned besides gardening may include visits by Extension Agency representatives to explain various gardening techniques as well as food preservation methods; volunteers familiar with organic and low till gardening to offer advise; meetups in local kitchens where we can try new recipes and....parties:)

Lets create a "growing" community where we can meet, share experience and make new friends!

Again, sign up if you think you may be interested. As the details emerge you can decide whether this Meetup will be of value to you.

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