What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in living life at their highest creative frequency. Each meet-up will start with a talk on the principles of conscious creation and offer techniques to create masterfully, followed by an opportunity to network. Each meetup will strategically build upon the premises offered in the previous talk, and a few may be specialized to topics such as entrepreneurship, the arts, or social change.

You will learn the foundations of living intentionally from the heart to achieve your highest creative potential. Discovering true meaning and purpose in all areas of your life - business, relationships, home - is unique to the individual but the key to success and happiness for all.

When you are a conscious creator, why circumstances don't matter.
How your focus creates your reality.
How to develop your intuition to make important decisions in your life.
Your unique purpose and how to realize it completely.
The alchemical structure of creation.
How to create with focused intention on true end results.

I am starting this group to develop a network of conscious creators who are empowered with creative focus in life and the ability to empower others to do the same. For a deeper understanding of creative mastery visit http://www.discovercreativemastery.com

The first meetup will be scheduled by the end of November, so please join and stay tuned!

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