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This group is for you if you resonate with one of more of the following:

- you’d like to meet more open-minded and open-hearted individuals
- you feel like there is more to life than what you are currently living -you’re curious about your life purpose(s) and/or a spiritual path -you’re ready to let go of what no longer serves you
-you’d like some assistance with letting go of what no longer serves you
- you’re curious about Reiki, energy healing, crystals, meditation, intuition, psychic abilities, metaphysics, spirituality, the Universe, consciousness, energy, unconditional love, Tarot, essential oils, and more
- you’re ready to manifest your dreams!

I welcome you with joy and appreciation!

My name is Becca; I am the admin of this group and on my inner evolution. As my awareness opened and expanded, I found such beauty and excitement in all I was discovering within myself and the world I am a part of. As my own intuitive gifts re-emerged, I felt the growing desire to assist others in finding and living their own Joy, Well-Being, Vitality and Power. Thus I began Inner Nature. Feel free to check it out at www.discoveryourinnernature.com

As I had opened myself up, being able to share my discoveries and evolution with many of the people in my life was not always welcomed, and so I wish to create a safe and sacred space for those who are on their own unique paths. I want you to feel welcomed, to feel supported, and to feel loved as you follow your path. I want you to have a place to heal, to lift your vibration, and to connect with other like-minded individuals. I look forward to connecting with you!

Gatherings may include group meditation, group Reiki, group healings, workshops, Universe Chats, and more.

If you’d like to host a workshop, please email Becca.innernature@gmail.com

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The Breakfast Club

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“The goal of this meetup is to create a safe place for our members to get really authentic with where they are on their journey, gain some clarity around how to align with their purpose, and hold one another accountable for living our most fulfilled-best lives! We have read the books on how to be happier, more successful, healthy and full of energy, but I think that it is important to hear from each other and talk about how to cultivate these ideal lifestyles even when we are working multiple jobs, taking care of our household and family members, and trying to find balance between the hustle and self-love​. This is going to be a great opportunity to connect with new friends, grow, learn, share and open up to new perspectives. Bring a notebook and an open mind, I am sure we will all have something impactful​ to contribute to this group!” This meetup is same as the Breakfast Club from the Baltimore Empower Yourself Group :)

EarthWalk: Journeying Through the Elements

Wincopin Trail

EarthWalk: Journey Through the Elements Connect with your Inner Being and Gaia as we explore the sacred woods of Wincopin Trails and the sacred depths of your consciousness. Join Tralisa Colby of The Odyssey Podcast and Becca Steinbach of Inner Nature for an Earthwalk where we will journey together through Earth’s elements – fire, water, earth, air, and ether. This approximately 4 hour event is composed of a (beginner-friendly) hike on part of the Red Trail of the Wincopin Trails, guided meditations, guided breathwork, Reiki and Violet Flame Healing sessions and more. Together, we will bring you into a deeper relationship with your Inner Being and the natural world. Within stillness, Mother Earth and all her creatures and creations hold messages for us. We will have the opportunity to connect with the Earth, release old patterns and pains that need to go, and set powerful intentions to bring in our desires. Our intention for you is to come away from the day with a renewed sense of vitality, well-being, peace, and joy within your mind, body, and soul. What to Bring: - Water - A packed lunch - Journal & pen - Shoes to walk in a forest in - Towel (for those who wish, getting into the water is encouraged!) - An open heart! The suggested energetic exchange for this EarthWalk is $15. We look forward to journeying with you!

Violet Flame Workshop: Part 1

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The Violet Flame is a powerful spiritual energy, which of harnessed correctly, has the power not only to remove but transmute negative energy from your space and auric field from darkness to light. Essentially dissolving bad karma. For centuries spiritual masters have invoked the Violet Flame energy to achieve the highest levels of spiritual alchemy and spiritual transformation. Freeing them from the debts of their souls allowing them to live the most fulfilling and authentic lives possible! In this workshop you will learn: ⁃ The History of the Violet Flame ⁃ The Spiritual and Psychological Meaning of the Color Violet ⁃ An overview of The Seven Rays of Spirituality with Emphasis on the Violet Ray ⁃ The Ethereal Keepers of the Violet Ray ⁃ How to Invoke the Violet Flame and Decrees of the Violet Flame At the end of the workshop we all will take part in a group meditation where we invoke the power of the Violet Flame. Inner Nature is delighted for Tralisa Colby of The Odyssey Podcast to be the host of this magnificent workshop!

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The Breakfast Club

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