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We are living in an amazing time of transition into human ascended consciousness. Many of us are being Called to a greater Purpose and an expansion into a new way of Being and Becoming. It can be uncomfortable, confusing, and absolutely exhilarating! Won’t you join us in the journey?
This group is about gaining clarity, encouragement, and support in this ascension so that you can learn about and take the steps into your best life EVER! Discover what your Soul has come here to learn, experience, and co-create and step into your Flow to succeed in your life in ways you’ve never imagined! Discover and clear what is holding you back from the success you deserve! We will hold discussions, presentations, and experiential exercises that will provide guidance, support, and a foundation for living in your Flow.
This group is open to adults and teenagers, male and female, of universal ethnicities, religions, and cultural backgrounds. Grow spiritually, discover various practices that enhance your spiritual connection and awareness, and increase growth and possibility in your life. Discover your Life Purpose and then step into it!

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