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Hello Folks,
We all heard of the saying, "Knowledge is power". I am sure our grandparents and parents as well as our teachers in school and university professors had knowledge. But WHY most of us are still struggling in our lives, living under debt pile, even well educated university graduates are in debt, living with fear, anxiety, depression and moreover have no idea about how to get rid of the debt.

Does it make you wonder that may be the knowledge you have is half truth and moreover, the wrong half?
Question to think about: Could the wrong knowledge be power over us?

Our teachers, parents, grandparents probably taught us what they knew, but what they didn't knew is definitely hurting them and is still hurting us.
Lets be honest, We all are going to live a life not knowing everything, that is why some of us or our kids are going to come up with new ideas in future that we couldn't think of in the past.
But we have a choice and control over how much we can possibly know in our life and how much of that we pass on to our children and grand children.
Let's Talk and Open Up: Why are we going through this, what's the cause, generation after generation while we live in one of the wealthiest nation in the world.
Moreover, IS there SOLUTION available that you don't know about.

Now some people believe they know everything there is to know, they have accepted the way there life is, this mindset is bad for them for sure but it is definitely bad for their kids. but if you are not one of them and believe that you can discover something new any moment of your life.

To talk, discuss, share our life experiences, I would like to welcome all open minded people to join me in this meet up and start building a community of those of us who seek a solution, to get it right for themselves and for their families

Note: "If the solution has to come from our parents, teachers and school education, don't you think that solution would have already come and majority of us will be on the path to better, successful, prosperous life". Why is it that only certain percentage of population is doing well and rest of us are struggling, may be because we have been fed wrong information.

I have been blessed beyond the definition of good fortune with knowledge I got and things I have done for myself with it. But let me also share with you that I got a lot and lot of Wrong knowledge and information just like you might have. I honestly had to unlearn some theories that I learned earlier from parents or school. I always knew inside me something is wrong with the way we have been taught but rather than blaming others for it, I kept on looking for answers. Finally I have discovered some practical real strategies that i have implemented in my life that have guided me to build a better prosperous life for my family. Now these strategies are not going to make anyone rich or successful in a short time but they will make your life more prosperous with peace of mind and will eventually make you rich too in long run.

Good news is These are not about investment of any kind so you don't need ton of money saved up to implement them in your life if you want to implement once you see value they can add to your life.

I'll not be sharing these strategies in this meet up because i don't want to undermine platform by making it all about selling something. Although I'll share my experience and knowledge with different strategies that I learned in the past and what drawbacks they had and still have up to now, this might save you some pain incase you come across them.

To better and Prosperous Life.
Let's make it happen.
Thank you for reading and showing your interest in this meet up.

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