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This is a group for everyone who wants to discover who they really are! So often we get caught up in the mundane activities of life and yet somewhere in our consciousness we know that there is more to life than this. We know that we can be more, do more and achieve more. This group will help to unlock the inner blocks which prevent us from moving forward. It will help to free us from the past, to learn new ways to navigate, to realise who we really are and the gifts which we possess. The Discoveringyour Inner Self group is your opportunity to move towards your true potential in a happier and more assured manner. To manifest in the outer world, it is necessary to first achieve peace in your inner world and so we will be exploring our relationship with ourselves, with others and with the world around us in all manner of ways using various methods and tools to do so and with compassion towards ourself and others always as the base line. While many consider this path to be difficult, the truth is that it can be approached in a gentle, kind and fun manner. Making peace with yourself in the here and now, wherever you may be is always the starting point and so wherever you are in your life's journey is the perfect place to enter this group. If you want to be more authentic in your life, to love yourself more, to find more joy and laughter in your life, to be happier, to grow into the real you, then this is the group for you.

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Introduction to Law of attraction

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Understanding the Law of Attraction

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Past Life Regression

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Learning about Past Life Regression

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