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Whether you're traditionally published, self-published, or somewhere in the middle, you're probably obsessed with honing your craft, marketing your novels, getting reviews, and so much more! If your significant other and "non-author" friends just don't get it, dishing with other writers in the same boat might be just what the doctor ordered. In this group, we'll meet one or twice a month for coffee/drinks/snacks, and share our experiences and knowledge with folks who, like us, never tire of checking Amazon rankings and finding book bloggers to review our books. If there is interest, we can also schedule meetings to just write and add to the word counts on our works in progress. Everything else, we'll play by ear based on interest.

Past events (4)

Let's dish!

(IBM Building atrium)

Let's dish!

Sony Atrium

April Meetup

Stone Creek Bar and Lounge

Let's dish about writing, sales, and promotion

Needs a location