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Dismantle Anxiety, High Stress & Overwhelm
Bring other leaders, entrepreneurs and executives committed to dismantling anxiety, high stress and overwhelm. Each month we will discover some of the following themes: *How to ride your top game of innovation without burn out *The 3 biggest pitfalls hijacking the performance of today’s top entrepreneurs (and how to avoid them) *3 Keys to dissolve crippling anxiety & overcome overwhelm *How to gain greater clarity and insight on your big vision *High execution performance secrets (and they're not what you think) *Why you need to get clear on your blindspots if you don’t want your mission to crash and burn *How to let go of the death grip of control that gets in the way of your elite-level success *Learn best practices to dissolve the limiting beliefs and behaviors standing between you and high performance leadership *How to use business as a force for good *How to fuel win win outcomes when the stakes are high *To be the cause, not the affect of your thoughts and emotions *To develop emotional intelligence and lead with presence and connection *To unleash and harness your creativity & expand your vision *How to listen to the calling of your heart, instead of doubt and fear *To continuously leap bravely into the unknown *Why your own unresolved trauma is your greatest liability (and how to heal it) *To turn your pain into purpose *To master change and hack your flow state *To make adaptability & resilience your greatest assets *How to reinvent yourself as a leader

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Got anxiety? High stress? Overwhelm? Can't catch your breath? Pounding chest? Racing thoughts? Losing sleep?

The world needs your vision & you need to be at the top of your game. It's possible to dismantle stress, overwhelm and anxiety and make a big impact.

Join a community of entrepreneurs, leaders and executives committed to iconic leadership and next level excellence.

Feeling out of control? Does the growth of your venture feel like its swallowing you whole? Pulling you in every direction? Feel like you can't keep up or that it might just all fall apart? Barely hanging on? Stretched too thin? Something needs to give before the same drive that built your success hijacks your purpose, impact and bottom line.

The biggest thing that entrepreneurs don't know, is that your competitive edge and staying power comes from a healthy inside game. As you grow your venture it requires you dig deeper within yourself to make sure you don't get side swiped by your own blindspots. It's time to transform the fog of fear into the exhilaration of clarity, insight and action.

Your creative genius and high level execution await you and your bold vision. It's time make an even bigger contribution.

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