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If you're like me, and let's face it, the fact that you're here means that we all have a fondness for the House That Walt Built and while there, don't mind in partaking a few of the adult beverages. As I've told friends, I'm already going to be at the parks and having a few drinks. Why not join a group of like-minded folks and do the same. After all, it's social drinking as long as you're being social.

Let's grab drinks, go on some rides, and have a great, unplanned time!

Expect a lot of Sunday Fundays because park passes are less likely to be blocked out on those days. However, certain events may occur during holiday periods and for that, I apologize to our members in advance.

While we drink, we RESPECT the rules of the park by NOT being obnoxious/rude to fellow guests and each other. Also, please know your limits. I'm out to have a good time, I don't want to end up babysitting someone who had a few too many.

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Hearthstone Lounge

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Hearthstone Lounge

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