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This group is for intended for single Disneyland enthusiasts who, like me, greatly favor going to the parks when it is least crowded. Sunday mornings are a favorite. We may do an occasional Saturday where the crowd forecasts predict light attendance. For the pleasure of wandering down Main Street when it is deserted, (Yea, right!) there will be an occasional day trip planned.

If there is sufficient interest, I'll plan a singles event for people who would like to bring their kids. We may do a mobility impaired day and wander the park in wheelchairs. (Something I encourage everyone to do at least once so that you can better appreciate the challenges of negotiating the parks in a chair.)

Meetups will be scheduled for some of the major event days, like Gay Day and Dapper Day. You can plan ahead now for the first Sunday of December to attend the really lovely Candlelight Processional (there is a precise methodology to doing this as a group.)

The emphasis here is less about running from ride to ride than strolling about and enjoying the ambiance, talking to the ducks, people watching; celebrating the happy. We will also dine together once in a while and go on various adventures, such as hidden mickey scavenger hunts or character stalking, or (wait for it) Disney trivia games.

Group membership is for [did I mention?] singles, and parents without partners are welcome. Obviously, we welcome all races! Please note that the group is considered LGBTQ friendly. (Your organizer is transgender.) If you are attached, this is all good. But you should consider this a dating group. So if your partner scurries off with a Disney character, don't say that you weren't warned!

Those who might be looking for someone new in their life are encouraged to wear a green ribbon. There is even a book out which discusses the best places in the park to, well, you know....

A Max pass would be helpful, since we can all fast pass together as a group.

You are strongly encouraged to pay the $5 per year, voluntary membership fee.

Meetups characteristically have many people who RSVP for an event and fail to either cancel or attend. This creates a hardship for the organizer and is inconvenience for participants who may be looking forward to meeting others. Alternate meeting places will be designated for those who are late.

I apologize for having to approve memberships. There is a rash of guys becoming members of all sites and dropping quasi-porn URLs into the discussions. I'll try to keep these people out of our group.


Upcoming events (4)

Ghost town at the park

Disneyland Park

On the app, "Is It Packed.com," April 30 is the only April day that will be relatively uncrowded. Shall we celebrate with a day in the park(s)? Those of us who don't have to, ya know, WORK, can start the day early. I'll plan a 6 PM meeting time for those who do WORK. Later than that, you can catch up, IF we are still on. Again, new policy: less that five for morning and/or even cancels that segment. When you RSVP, pleas send a message when you would like to meet.

Carthay Circle prix-fixe dinner and World of Color

Disney California Adventure


Please note: This meetup will automatically be canceled two days in advance of the event if there are fewer than five CONFIRMED RSVPs. (If fewer that five confirmed RSVPs are received, those who have confirmed will have their deposit refunded.) A table for eight will awaits us for dinner at Cathay Circle. This World of Color Dining package features a prix-fixe three course meal and preferred viewing area for the World of Color presentation that evening. What can I say, it is beautiful, tasty, and.... expensive. This is one of two restaurants at the Disney Resort that, that to have any chance of getting a table, you need to reserve as much as two months in advance. To confirm your RSVP, you will need to give the organizer a $10 deposit (Paypal to [masked]), refunded either if you cancel at least two days prior to the event, or when you arrive at the restaurant. (The mouse requires that I hold the RSVP with a charge to my credit card.) The RSVP table size will be downward adjusted to reflect actual number of RSVPs two days prior to the event. Please note that passports other than Signature and Signature Plus are blacked out this day. Be careful to confirm that you can get in on the 25th.

Gay Days (LGBTQ) Disneyland


Get your red on to celebrate one of the largest Pride events in California! On this unofficial park event [wink, wink] there will be rainbows everywhere. There are numerous Gay Day activities planned for the weekend of October 4-October 6. Some of our activities will integrate with those of the main organization. Generally, Gay Days is observed at Disneyland on Saturday, and Disney California Adventure on Sunday. The Saturday event draws the far larger crowd. (It is fun watching the perplexed look of uninformed park guest, not wearing read, ans they try to figure out what the hell is going on!) More on this later.

Dapper Day, Fall, 2019


For those of you are who unaware, Dapper Day was inspired by opening day at Disneyland when people dressed less.... casually. This is a "dress to impress" event--guys in suits, women in dresses or skirts. We will wander as a group through the parks. People will be taking your picture! If there is sufficient interest, we will book dinner reservations at The Blue Bayou TWO MONTH IN ADVANCE.

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