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***VERY IMPORTANT ADDITION!! PLEASE READ: I am making this group a team effort group. That means admins do not need to attend. You are all the admins. If YOU want a certain day scheduled please message me here or comment and one of the admins will schedule it!! ***

For those of us who are still kids at heart and want more Passholder friends, even those of us who don't have kids!! Let's make new friends, share new memories, and just be kids for a day!! ALL ages welcome, ALL walks of life. I don’t care if you’re 18 or 81, you are welcome here!! This is designed to be a friend meetup, not a dating Meetup, so married, singles etc all welcome, but if you meet the person of your dreams here I hope you invite us all to the wedding!!! .... Very important note: There are no strict rules in this Meetup group: if you want to dress up, dress up. If you have ideas when we’re at the park, let us know. This group is all about everyone’s participation and unique ideas to keep the success of this Meetup going. There is no set agenda and we embrace all ideas and comments.

Also: I’m not strict with cancellations or times. I’m almost always late. I will always put 10am-3pm but you can show up anytime and leave any time. Just message on the scheduled Meetup and we will let you know where we’re at. If you cancel, you cancel. I won’t kick you out for any of this. *******
Update 1/21/18: Our group members currently have a huge age range from 18-60 (I’m in my 40s). We come from all walks of life, beliefs, orientations, careers, etc. I am amazed at how wonderfully accepting and inviting you have all been to everyone in this group! I don’t know if I just got lucky with this group or if it’s the power of Disneyland, but I have not had 1 negative experience yet. Thank you all for making this such an enjoyable experience so far!! I look forward to meeting all of you in the future!!!
-Tiffany (aka TJ)

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Date Day at the Mouse House (Start in DCA)

Disney California Adventure Park

This is cross-posted from my Disneyland Singles group, where there are as of 10/16, six people signed up.


Let's make this our first, designated "Date Day." No, you don't have to have a date to come. When you come, just be open to the potential and magic of love at Disneyland. I suggest that you wear:

1) Blue or green, if you prefer dating women
2) Pink or red if you prefer dating men
3) Black or white, if you prefer to date humans
4) Nothing, if you would like to meet Security.

This meetup will include a Hidden Mickey hunt from 10 AM until noon. The person who finds the most hidden mickeys in that time frame wins a choice of a churro, corn dog, (Hershey) kisses, or bear hug.

On this Date Day, we will have a "dark ride kiss contest." OK, I hear you saying, "Wait a minute!"

Did I mention that it can be any kind of kiss, including exchanging Hershey Kisses? One select, dark rides, if you report afterward that you "kissed," you two, (or three or four....) who rode together will each earn a point. Those with the most points at the close of the contest gets a treat.

Please make your park reservation for Disney California Adventure. We can bounce over to Disneyland at 1PM if there is interest to do so.

Shopping day at Disneyland (Starting in DCA)

Disney California Adventure Park

This is a cross-post from https://www.meetup.com/disneyland-for-singles-and-solos/

While park reservations are already gobbled up for this day, if you already have park reservations for DCA and are looking for something to do, you are welcome to join us.

I found some serious Disney shoppers in another of my groups and decided to schedule this for Christmas shopping. So, take the day off work, and shop until you drop. You can always meet up with us in the afternoon. This will be the last Friday of December that the top three keys will fit Disneyland's door. Weekends for the lower three keys are blocked out throughout December.)

Christmas Day at Disneyland

Needs a location

**I'm going to ask for everyone's help in getting dinner reservations for Napa Rose, table for Six, if possible. If by MAGIC you succeed, please drop me a message so that we can discuss.

Those of us with the Dream key have an opportunity to visit the park on Christmas Day. While most have family and friends to spend Christmas with, some either do not or do not observe Christmas.

My special friend and I decided to have dinner at Napa Rose, which I am certain will be excellent. I'll try to RSVP for everyone, sixty days before Christmas, then those who want to join us, can. Otherwise you can find somewhere else to dine, and we can rejoin later.

Join us for some warm comradery on this cool day, aglow with holiday lighting, fireworks, and, yes, "snow" (crossing fingers.)

Welcome back! A Discovery Meetup

Disneyland Park

This is a cross-post from my Disneyland SIngles group:


We are finding it necessary to schedule and announce meetups WELL into 2020 so that people interested in participating will have an opportunity to reserve a park space before it closes. Obviously, weekend availability is getting scarce.

Let's greet the new year at Disneyland with a celebration of it's unique style and beauty.

As a very young child, when visiting Disneyland, I felt giddy about "discovering" photogenic spots. A little later, I came to realize that someone had already made that determination Learning to read the signs helped!). Yet later I concluded that these "Picture spots" were deliberately planned. And still later, as a landscape architect, I learned how to design such things, to coax beauty from nothing.

This meetup is all about discovering some of the hidden Disneyland and will be laced with both Disneyland history and triva. Yea, we will go on rides too, LOL

Bring your camera. You may end up seeing the park in a new light.

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