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***VERY IMPORTANT ADDITION!! PLEASE READ: I am making this group a team effort group. That means admins do not need to attend. You are all the admins. If YOU want a certain day scheduled please message me here or comment and one of the admins will schedule it!! ***

For those of us who are still kids at heart and want more Passholder friends, even those of us who don't have kids!! Let's make new friends, share new memories, and just be kids for a day!! ALL ages welcome, ALL walks of life. I don’t care if you’re 18 or 81, you are welcome here!! This is designed to be a friend meetup, not a dating Meetup, so married, singles etc all welcome, but if you meet the person of your dreams here I hope you invite us all to the wedding!!! .... Very important note: There are no strict rules in this Meetup group: if you want to dress up, dress up. If you have ideas when we’re at the park, let us know. This group is all about everyone’s participation and unique ideas to keep the success of this Meetup going. There is no set agenda and we embrace all ideas and comments.

Also: I’m not strict with cancellations or times. I’m almost always late. I will always put 10am-3pm but you can show up anytime and leave any time. Just message on the scheduled Meetup and we will let you know where we’re at. If you cancel, you cancel. I won’t kick you out for any of this. *******
Update 1/21/18: Our group members currently have a huge age range from 18-60 (I’m in my 40s). We come from all walks of life, beliefs, orientations, careers, etc. I am amazed at how wonderfully accepting and inviting you have all been to everyone in this group! I don’t know if I just got lucky with this group or if it’s the power of Disneyland, but I have not had 1 negative experience yet. Thank you all for making this such an enjoyable experience so far!! I look forward to meeting all of you in the future!!!
-Tiffany (aka TJ)

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Disneyland Again! Final date TBD

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We will be returning to our favorite place forever changed. The dole whips will taste better. Space Mountain will be 10 times more exciting. The fireworks will be so much more beautiful. And we will have an appreciation for our own lives and those around us. I want to have a special corona free part re-entry celebration. I want to make ire that everyone who attends this meetup will get to share their favorite part of Disneyland with the entire group. Let’s make this trip the best one yet. Until then, please take care of you and your family. We look forward to seeing all of you!! -TJ ✌🏼💜

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