What we're about

Disrupt tech is a group of tech leaders changing the values of Silicon Valley. This is for those who think money and talent should be focused on human problems, real problems, and not on building platforms that waste people's time and get people burritos in 20 minutes. This is for those who are tired of 5 slide pitch decks that promise virality among the Gen Z. This is for those who think having to convince 5 old men and their pet Stanford analysts, to give you 1/10 odds and that will sell out your work to Facebook because of fear of competition. This is for high ambition individuals who think that The Valley needs to radically change. Life isn't about automating others nor becoming the next bit-millionaire. Life is about creating true value. Human value. This is a call to action to stop thinking about disruption of industries, and start disrupting the values that led masses abuses in privacy and jeopardized democracy. This is a call to disrupt the values of The Valley. This is a call to disrupt tech.

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