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Disruptive Technologists: AI & Ethics? The Big Questions
PRESENTED BY MCCARTER & ENGLISH Developments in robotics engineering have resulted in several weird and wonderful advancements across many fields including military, manufacturing, service, and entertainment. As robots get more autonomous and more powerful, we’re going to have to program them to not be evil. We will discuss the new applied ethics in Robo-morality: Machine Learning & Roboethics is concerned with what rules should be created for machines and robots to guarantee -their design for ethical behavior. Should we ensure that machines with artificial intelligence behave in ways that prioritize human safety as well as their own safety, above their assigned tasks? And can we do this in accordance with accepted precepts of human morality? Other questions: • Why do we need to care about ethics in AI? • What made you focus on this emerging subject in techno-ethics? • How can we regulate robo-morality? • Are there any progress in terms of programming machines to act with human beings in an ethical way? • In your opinion what is the major challenge to develop robot and machine learning ethics for the following decade? Panelists: Eric Schles, Data Scientist, Microsoft Eric works on the Commercial Software Engineering team at Microsoft, where they build cutting-edge solutions with customers and partners around Microsoft’s newest technology. He is also an adjunct professor at NYU teaching intro to Python. Manojit Nandi, Senior Data Scientist, Rocketrip Manojit builds machine learning models in Python for automating expense approval and deploys these models into production using AWS Lambda. Rocketrip helps businesses reduce travel spend by incentivizing employees to save when they travel for business. Claudia Perlich, Senior Data Scientist, Two Sigma & NYU Adjunct Professor Claudia started her career at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, concentrating on research in data analytics and machine learning for complex real-world domains. She received her Ph.D. in Information Systems from Stern School of Business, NYU. Additional Panelists TBA… Moderator: Oliver Christie, Founder, Foxy Machine The company is an artificial Intelligence consulting, strategy & research company for companies seeking to leverage new and future technologies. They help clients implement a data-driven approach to decision-making to optimizes every outcome. Master of Ceremonies: David Carlos, CEO, Availeron Consulting & App Solutions Consult, Yardi David is a real estate tech and IT guru!


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