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Disruptive Technologists in NYC Meetup

Founded in 2012 by Lauren Keyson, a renowned tech journalist, Disruptive Technologists supports the tech, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems in New York City by connecting professional firms, think tanks and likeminded people with a passion for new technologies.

Disruptive Technologists have a total reach of +11,000, including weekly published podcasts and articles with cutting edge, trending topics on their website (https://disruptivetechnologists.com (https://disruptivetechnologists.com/)). They also organize 4 popular live events per year making Disruptive Technologists one of the most active and consistent tech organizations of its kind in New York.

Disruptive Technologists provides the unique ability to:

• offer opportunities to learn, network and grow

• recognize and promote members, companies and to be part of the think tank

• nurture the promotion of tech while making people feel part of a community

• provide access to resources

• advocate and support

If you sign up and there is any change in your schedule, please let us know ahead of time that you can’t make it, so we can let others on the waiting list have your seat.

To learn more, go to DisruptiveTechnologists.com and sign up for the monthly newsletter.


For questions, email Lauren Keyson at LKeyson@DisruptiveTechnologists.com – we look forward to hearing your cool ideas and helping you make them happen!


Thanks for your feedback for previous events:

• I just wanted to thank you for organizing the first Disruptive Technologists Meetup. I thought the panelists gave invaluable advice applicable to both software-folk and 'hardwarians' such as myself. I'm looking forward to the next Disruptive Tech Meetup! I enjoyed it, great contacts and good advice.” - Hans M.

• Hi, I did attend the last meet up. It gave me food for thought. I'm looking forward to continuing to develop my relationship with this group and to discovering the "fit" for me in terms of what I'm up to. Thank you for putting this together!” - Giustina M.

• I enjoyed the panels response to what was the craziest investment opportunity or idea that someone came to you with! The answers were great!” - Bradley F.

• Just wanted to say - great panel. well done and thank you for doing it! I will use at least some of it, really an outstanding panel. I mean it, and I go to a TON of events. - Bonnie H.

• It was an awesome event. Thanks for putting it together. - Ray S.

• It any event, I wanted to reach out and say thank you for selecting such a great group of panelists. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from them. -- Holly Z.

• Thanks for a First Great Meetup! - Lynn R.

Also check out the pics at: http://www.facebook.com/DisruptiveTechnologists

To read press about our first event click here:
Part I: http://nyconvergence.com/2012/11/ny-disruptivetechnologists-good-bad-and-disregarded-part-i.html
Part 2: http://nyconvergence.com/2012/11/ny-disruptive-technologists-five-words-of-advice-part-2.html

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpGjY1Ga7bs

Disruptively Yours, Lauren

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Disrupters Discuss "Smart Communities -- Smart Futures w/ Tech Innovation"

SPONSORED BY MCCARTER & ENGLISH ......................... WITH Microsoft Reactor AND Anchin & Anchin 6:15pm to 8:45pm Smart CommunIties Make Smart Cities Through Tech Innovation Discover the smart technologies that keep your community connected. By incorporating information and communication technologies, smart cities can enhance the quality and performance of services such as art, health & even financial security. We will hold a discussion about how smart communities use multiple sources of data, online resources & social connectedness to improve the communities for both the residents and visitors. MEET THE PANELISTS! 1. Eric Adams: First African-American Borough President of Brooklyn, NY. Previously he was a Democratic State Senator in the NY Senate. 2. Andrew Rasiej: Founder & CEO, Civic Hall; Chairman, NY Tech Alliance; Founder & Publisher, Personal Democracy Media. 3. Jordan Gitterman: Founder, Item Banc - developing & implementing crypto, smart city & blockchain tech that has a positive social impact 4. Sree Sreenivasan: Columbia University Professor & Marshall R. Loeb visiting Prof. of Stony Brook; former Chief Digital Officer of Metropolitan Museum of Art & New York City. 5. Tara Pham, Urban Technologist, Co-Founder & CEO at Numina - street activity. FIRESIDE CHAT EXPERTS: 6. David Edelsohn: Ph.D.STSM, IBM Open Source Ecosystem, CTO, GCC Technology 7. Chris Joyce: Founder & CEO Gusher; Venture Capital Disrupter, Company Creator 8. Dana Corriel, MD: Founder of SoMeDocs; Consultant: Healthcare Social Media 9. Lisa Chai, Senior Research Analyst, ROBO Global Microsoft Reactor Host: Sep DiMeglio, developer audiences & AI Advocate, Microsoft. Moderator: Oliver Christie: Futurist: Founder, Foxy Machine; Co-Founder, Moven AI; Data Science Head, Opus AI Fireside Chat Moderator: Bruce Epstein, Knowledge Transfer Wizard - leveraging critical info through AI. Master of Ceremonies/Podcast Host: Dania Hammad: Dose of Dania Interactive Videographers: Jeffrey Paul & Steve Durham from Ziotag: advanced deep tagging. Drinks & Munchies: Cookies** Essence Water from Hint ** Gourmet Sandwiches ** Giveaways: Disruptive Techies books & mugs & t-shirts! from Anchin & Anchin ** Wine & Beer from Anchin Accountants and Advisors ** ** EXTRA Special Thanks to our Disruptive Technologists® Think Tank Council & Events Sponsor-Partner: McCarter & English and David Sorin, Partner & Chair - Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Company Practices ** AND EXTRA Special Thanks to Microsoft Reactor #MSFTReactor and Anchin Accoutants & Advisor’s

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Disrupters Discuss Radical Health Tech Innovation

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