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Charney K.



San Francisco, CA

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Jan 14, 2013


Hi! I'm a lifelong writer, computer programmer, designer and filmmaker. Born and raised in Chicago, I've lived in NYC for 10 years now and am still addicted to its fervor. One of my oldest friends, Chris Luken, recommended I check out your meetup.

what is your name?

Nick Kaye

what is your company, organization or school?

Founder & President, Outright Mental Inc. - Co-founder & Chief Engineer, [L]earned Media - Co-founder & Chief Engineer, Wendr LLC -

what is your favorite disruptive idea that you have or have heard about?

First I'll tell you one extra thing about myself, I have an impossible time retrieving information in the format, "Think of an example of _________". At this exact moment I'm obsessed with the Google App Engine, and how the reduction of the cost of scale is going to do to "start-ups" (I think we should call them start-downs, and I've certainly gone down with my share before the [L]M which it seems will actually make it back up to 0, and beyond!) what the internet did to the profitability of the mechanical replication of music.