What we're about

🤝 This meetup is about all of the distributed systems that are used to build out systems today. From distributed databases to distributed web servers to peer-to-peer web interfaces. If you're interested in these topics, this meetup is for you.

🗣️ We're always looking for the next set of speakers, topics, and interests that one would like to talk about. We're also regularly looking for sponsors for space, food, drinks, and such for the meetup itself. If you're interested in sponsoring, check out our meetup prospectus here:

🔗 https://compositecode.blog/meetup-sponsorship-prospectus/

For some example presentations that our sister meetup in Seattle have had, check out these by...

Jonothan Ellis presenting "Cloud Databases 201"


Alena Hall presenting "So You Want to Run a Data-Intensive System on Kubernetes"

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Modeling and Simulation in Distributed Software Systems

Home Depot QuoteCenter

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