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Guys Singing in DC on Monday Night
We just had our show titled, "Melodies & Movies" this past weekend and we're super pumped to start the holiday performance season! You don't have to be an experienced singer by any means to do come by and sing with us. Let's just hang out, have an awesome time, sing some great music in the mean time, and feel free to invite others to do so! Here is why you should sing with us: 1) You need an awesome hobby, duh. 2) Singing strengthens your immune system. We all like being healthy. 3) Singing gives your a work out. 4) Singing improves your posture. 5) Singing helps with sleep. (Yes, this is science!) 6) Singing is a natural anti-depressant. 7) Singing lowers stress levels. 8) Singing improves mental awareness. 9) Singing boosts your confidence. 10) You're not your significant other's hobby... yeah, we said it. 11) IT'S FUN!!!!!!! FUN IS FUN AND YOU SHOULD HAVE FUN! Hopefully we'll see you at rehearsal and if you still are unsure if you're a singer or not, stop pretending that you're not. But, if you need that extra push, watch our buddy Deke Sharon say it the best here: So drag your friend out, get ready to have fun and we'll see you at rehearsal!

Rehearsal Space at St. Paul's Lutheran Church

3620 Everett St NW · Washington, dc

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We're an award winning, energized group of fellas who meet weekly to sing a cappella music in many styles. Together, we have a good time developing and growing our skills to deliver engaging performances and unique shows for our audiences.

We do more than sing, though... we build camaraderie that last a lifetime, we really like to build fellowship on and off the risers, and we really like to have a good time.

Is there ANYTHING that we can reasonably do to help you continue to sing? We like to continue to remind our fellow guys in the world that they should be singing and we do as many things as we can in order to help other men realize this because it MAKES LIFE BETTER! It's scientifically proven. One project to help this, for example, is we actually just finished up singing the National Anthem at the Washington National's game at the beginning of September of this year and we had 62 members there singing and many were guests. Let's keep the spirit of singing alive and well and come by a Monday night when we have rehearsals to do so.

You don't have to be an experienced singer by any means to do this. Let's just hang out, have an awesome time, and feel free to invite others to do so!

We are thankful towards St. Paul's Lutheran Church who provides us with a rehearsal space to do this at 4900 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington D.C. If you are interested and need more details, sign up here, please call Doug at (301) 385-6538 or email us at Hopefully you'll have a chance to come out and sing with us! See you there!

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